Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy 

FUSION ASSISTED SOFT TISSUE RELEASE (FASTR) utilizes a multi-technique therapy tool to break down scar tissue and muscular adhesions to restore mobility, aid in recovery and provide pain-relief from an assortment of injuries. All practitioners in FASTR Performance and Therapy Centers are trained in the Fuzion technique and use the Fuzion Therapy Tool to apply treatments such as scraping, trigger point therapy, muscle activation therapy, and a variety of other Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). In addition to the FASTR technique, practitioners are certified to provide manual therapy, massage, rehabilitative exercise, stretching instruction, and self-treatment regimens.

FASTR Performance & Therapy Centers provide a variety of services to help individuals heal from aches and pains, recover from difficult surgeries or injuries, and improve their functional performance in everyday life and athletic pursuits. We offer a safe, healthy, professional environment staffed by passionate allied health care professionals who not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but live one as well.
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• Improved memory to hold chiropractic adjustments longer
• Pain relief
• Break down scar tissue and adhesions
• Increase Flexibility
• Restore mobility
• Enhance body awareness
• Faster muscle recovery after exercise or activity
• Faster return to activity from injury

Soften, Lengthen, Strengthen

Whether muscles are in spasm from injury, intense workouts, or stress, the first step in relief is to soften the tissue and work through any adhesions or scar tissue that may be present in the muscle or around joints.

Restoring normal range of motion to joints is essential for full recovery. Our practitioners use a variety of stretching techniques including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), dynamic stretching routines, and reciprocal inhibition stretching techniques.
Once pain has diminished and normal range of motion has been restored it is essential to strengthen muscles and create correct muscle memory patterns. This essential piece of the puzzle is what creates lasting solutions to injuries, imbalances, and irregular biomechanical patterns that have developed over time.

Commonly Treated Conditions

• Sciatica
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Whip Lash
• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
• Tight IT Bands or Hamstrings
• Poor Posture
• Muscle Spasm
• Tendinopathy

About Kim Isaac

Kim Isaac MS, AT, ATC is the new Athletic Trainer and Soft Tissue and Mobility Specialist here at Forest Park Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Kim did her undergraduate education at Wilmington College, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training and then going on to earn a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Athletic Training at Indiana University. She is currently pursuing her PHD in Athletic Training at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Her background includes ten years of Athletic Training and seven years of teaching in a collegiate setting, as well as a published textbook for Athletic Training titled, “Athletic Training Clinical Workbook: a Guide to the Competencies”. She has extensive experience in rehabilitation from injuries, soft tissue release, physio therapy, athletic training and providing patients with corrective exercise and self-treatment plans to get them on the road to a pain-free, sustaining life!


Kim was awesome! I could barely move after I ran a marathon and she helped my muscles feel so much more relaxed. Go see her! – Amanda M., Cincinnati, OH
So helpful! Great for runners and athletes. I was on my feet all day for work and training for a half marathon and went to Kim for Plantar Fasciitis, which was incredibly painful. She treated my calves and feet and walked me through a number of stretches and preventative things I could do to keep it from coming back! She was friendly and helpful and now, I am back to running pain-free! - Allison D., Cincinnati, OH
Kim was amazing! She helped fix my neck when I hurt it, I could not move my neck and she fixed me!! I was able to move my neck again when I left!! I won't go to anyone else! Thanks Kim for fixing me!! – Danielle M., Cincinnati, OH
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