Does It Make Sense To See a Cincinnati Chiropractor for Knee Pain?

Does It Make Sense To See a Cincinnati Chiropractor for Knee Pain?

Does It Make Sense To See a Cincinnati OH Chiropractor for Knee Pain

Cincinnati chiropractors work with people to improve their spinal health, joint health, and protect their nerves. When it comes to knee pain, chiropractic care can be a solid part of a care plan. Chiropractic care is natural and non-invasive. It looks to find ways to help the body naturally function properly. This is very different from taking pain medications for managing knee pain, which adds a solution to the body to temporarily relieve symptoms, without addressing the cause.

Common Causes of Knee Pain in Cincinnati

There are many different possible causes for pain in your knee. This may have happened from a recent injury, or it could be caused by ongoing health issues, or often a degrading of cartilage in the knee over time. Your chiropractor will first work with you to discover the source of your knee pain, and then create a detailed care plan for moving forward.

A spinal misalignment may be causing your knee pain. Your spine is quite a ways from your knee, of course, but this is still a very possible culprit for the problem. Sometimes, when a vertebra is misaligned, people slightly adjust how they walk to balance out the issue. This happens usually without the person noticing. When this happens, the hip rotates just a little bit with every step the person takes. As the hip rotates, it bends the knee differently with each step. This is a repetitive injury for the knee that causes a lot of problems over time.

If your hip joint is not properly aligned, this can also turn your knee while you walk and cause issues.

Your muscles in your leg support your knee. If they are developed unevenly in the leg, they may not be properly supporting the knee joint. If your leg muscles are particularly tight, this can also shift the joint and cause pain.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

Once your Cincinnati chiropractor has discovered the cause of your knee pain, they will work with you to create a care plan. In some cases they will be able to work on healing the problem and fixing it for good. With chronic conditions, like a degrading of cartilage in the knee, they will work with you to prevent further damage and create a pain management plan.

Some of the modalities your chiropractor may work with you on for knee pain include a chiropractic adjustment for the knee joint, a spinal manipulation, ice therapies for reducing inflammation, ultrasound, and soft tissue massage. The massage is another strategy for reducing inflammation, as well as increasing blood flow to the joint and increasing your range of motion in the joint.

Your chiropractor may also work with you to suggest strengthening exercises and stretches. These exercises will be tailored to the muscles you need to work with to manage your knee pain.

With proper chiropractic care at Forest Park Chiropractic & Acupuncture, people have found they required fewer medications for managing their pain, had improved range of motion, and found some instant relief from their symptoms. With a proper care plan, even chronic knee pain can become a more manageable situation so you can get back to your daily activities.

If you have questions or concerns about your knee health, contact your Cincinnati chiropractor today to ask how they can help.

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