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There are three primary things that lead to the decreased functioning of the nervous system, known as subluxations. These three things are Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts. NET, or NeuroEmotional technique address the third of these, thoughts or emotions.

Why do Thoughts matter?

An amazing question! At its core, thoughts have a major impact on how we feel and act. Have you ever been in a really good mood and your day just seems to go better? When our thoughts conflict with how our body or subconscious wants to behave, it leads to a neural disconnect known as an NeuroEmotional complex, or NEC. This NEC can have just a large of an impact on our health as any car accident or bad diet. You can think of an NEC like a loop or pattern in the nervous system; signals from our brain get stuck in these loops instead of going where they need to.

Often, NECs are formed early in life during traumatic events or influential moments in life. Once an NEC is formed, it can stored in any tissue of the body and prevent that tissue from healing like it needs to. These NeuroEmotional complexes can last indefinitely, but clearing out an NEC allows the nervous system to regulate properly and once again heal.

Is NET a form of Therapy? How does it work?

No, NET is not a form of therapy. We do not seek to solve any problems during an NET session and does not involve any telling of life stories.

A system of muscle testing, questions, and statements are used to identify an NEC and how it might be related to your past. Treatment is even simpler! Related to Chinese medicine and acupuncture, NET uses the meridian pathways of the body to focus our healing efforts on the NEC involved.

Can NET help me?

NeuroEmotional Technique is a rapidly growing practice across the world and has been achieving amazing results for people of all different backgrounds. A few common conditions that are treated using NET include:

  • Chronic, unrelenting pain throughout the body
  • Reoccurring Injuries
  • PTSD
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Digestive issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Indecisiveness
  • Etc.

However, NET is not limited to only patients who have a condition! NET can help build confidence and address emotional issues or attachments as well. Contact the office if you would like to learn more about this technique and if it could help you! The possibilities are endless.

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